in Film , Frieze Seoul | 11 AUG 23

Frieze Film Seoul 2023: Online and Across the City

Frieze Film comes back to Seoul for 2023 with works that fracture and displace narratives while encouraging visitors to explore the city’s independent art spaces

in Film , Frieze Seoul | 11 AUG 23
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After the success of its debut last year, Frieze Film is returning to Frieze Seoul 2023 with an expanded program of artists showing at four independent spaces across the city and on 

Curated by KIM Sung woo and Sungah Serena CHOO, this year’s program is titled ‘It was the way of walking through narrative’ and uses the idea of narrative in film and video as a methodology for excavation. In this context, the archaeological term refers to the uncovering and exposing of stories that have been eliminated or omitted from the official records, whether that be historical revisionism or the manipulation of images in contemporary media. The works present narratives that exist beneath the surface of everyday life often in the sphere of the imaginary or an alternate reality.

AN Jungju, Kick, Clap, Hat
AN Jungju, kick, clap, hat, 2021. Multimedia installation, 360 VR video, stereo sound, 7 min loop 

2-channel video, stereo sound, 4K, color, 26 min 45 sec

Fourteen artists are participating in Frieze Film Seoul 2023: AN Jungju, BAEK Heaven, Omyo CHO, HAN Uri, HONG LEE Hyun-Sook, JUN Sojung, KIM Daum, KIM Hyojae, KWAK So Jin, LEE Eunhee, Moojin Brothers, NAM Hwayeon, PARK Sunmin, PYO Minhong. Their works are being shown at four independent/non-profit spaces – Amado Art Space, BOAN1942 ARTSPACE BOAN 1, Insa Art Space and MOTHER Offline – with the works physically scattered and weaved back together. 

HONG LEE Hyun-Sook, In the Neighborhood of Seokgwangsa, 2021. single channel, 15 minutes 30 seconds 
HONG LEE Hyun-Sook, In the Neighborhood of Seokgwangsa, 2021. Single channel, 15 mins 30 secs

This approach reflects the artworks’ own storytelling. By traversing non-linearly between time and space, the works dismantle, rearrange and combine memories and experiences to create new narratives and perspectives.This year’s Frieze Film lets audiences discover the unique language of film in art and discern other layers to the world we live in. 

PYO Minhong  nothing here was ours  2021  Single channel video, color, sound, 2.8K, aspect ratio 1.66:1, 19min 03sec
PYO Minhong, nothing here was ours, 2021. Single-channel video, color, sound, 2.8K, aspect ratio 1.66:1, 19 mins 3 secs

The Frieze Film program is showing August 22–September 9 at the four venues below and on 

Here are the artists showing at each space: 

Amado Art SpaceKWAK So Jin, PARK Sunmin, PYO Minhong, HONG LEE Hyun-Sook 

BOAN1942 ARTSPACE BOAN 1KIM Daum, Moojin Brothers, LEE Eunhee, HAN Uri 

Insa Art SpaceKIM Hyojae, AN Jungju, Omyo CHO 

MOTHER OfflineNAM Hwayeon, BAEK Heaven, JUN Sojung 



On Tuesday 5 September, Frieze and MOTHER Offline will host an event with a DJ line-up to celebrate the launch of Frieze Film 2023.

* Open to all

Time: 19:00 - 00:00

Location: MOTHER Offline, 6, Itaewon-ro 55na-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul



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Main image: Omyo CHO, Barrel Eyes, 2022. Single-channel HD video.

Frieze Film 2023 has been realised in collaboration with four venue partners: Amado Art Space, BOAN1942, Insa Art Space and MOTHER Offline