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Idris Khan’s Discusses His First US Museum Show, “Repeat After Me”

Curator of the show Marcelle Polednik and the artist talk about themes in his major solo exhibition at the Milwaukee Art Museum, opening this April

in Collaborations , Videos | 17 APR 24
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“Repeat After Me” at the Milwaukee Art Museum is Idris Khan’s first solo museum show in the US, featuring many of the British artist’s significant series of work from the last two decades.

In conversation with the show’s curator, Marcelle Polednik, Khan talks about the persistent and ongoing themes in his work, particularly repetition. Though his practice spans photography, painting and sculpture, one consistent element is that: “I have always repeated things,” as Khan notes in this video. “That reoccurrence somehow influences everything I make today.” “Every room to me feel like a chapter in that great journey,” reflects Polednik.

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Idris Khan: “Repeat After Me,” Milwaukee Art Museum, April 5–August 11, 2024

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