Frieze Studios

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Curator of the show Marcelle Polednik and the artist talk about themes in his major solo exhibition at the Milwaukee Art Museum, opening this April

In Collaboration with Milwaukee Art Museum

Established in 2017, Frieze Studios is the art-focused creative agency from Frieze, a pioneering force in contemporary art and culture for over three decades.

At Kasmin Gallery, New York, the artist and activist’s exhibition ‘Sad Rapper’ honours healing, rage and the grace of McDonalds

In Collaboration with Kasmin Gallery

At Sean Kelly’s new Los Angeles gallery, the artist proposes new landscape patterns

In Collaboration with Sean Kelly

A new exhibition of three interrelated bodies of work – including the largest single presentation of his paintings to date – sees the Mexican artist probe the ‘most Platonic of forms’ 

In Collaboration with Sean Kelly

For her inaugural exhibition at Sean Kelly, the artist questions the opposition of the traditional and the avant-garde

In Collaboration with Sean Kelly

Zoffany’s new collection of wallpapers draws from an important chapter in British design history

In Collaboration with Zoffany

In her tranquil studio, the French artist’s new paintings give form to the human voice

In Collaboration with Waddington Custot

For his first show at Gray, the artist shares his work’s ‘underconscious’

In Collaboration with Gray

The Johannesburg-based artist meditates on displacement

In Collaboration with Marianne Boesky Gallery

The artist’s nocturnal examination of glacial landscapes works towards ‘a new way of seeing’

In Collaboration with Sean Kelly

Confronting tensions in the Taiwanese artist’s first performance in New York, at Performa 19

An insight into the 2019-20 Serpentine Digital Commissions

In Collaboration with Serpentine Galleries

The artist opens up her studio at the Villa Kadenowka and provides a background for her show ‘Destroyed Woman’

In Collaboration with Simon Lee Gallery

Achille, brother of Fabio Mauri, traces the cultural scenes of post-war Rome and Milan

In Collaboration with Hauser & Wirth

The Shanghai-based artist discusses his new collaboration with Fortnum & Mason and the importance of showing art outside of gallery spaces

‘I see something I recognize somehow, and I make a picture’

In Collaboration with Kayne Griffin Corcoran

The sculptor’s latest work, STAND (2019) is an addition to the civic space surrounding the Philadelphia Museum of Art

In Collaboration with Sean Kelly

Ahead of his second solo exhibition at New York’s Sean Kelly Gallery, Idris Khan discusses the significance of the colour blue

In Collaboration with Sean Kelly

‘Looking and thinking, and thinking about looking. What’s presented to you as an image is not at all necessarily what’s happening internally’

In Collaboration with Simon Lee Gallery