in Collaborations | 10 SEP 20

McArthur Binion Lands in Art History

For his first show at Gray, the artist shares his work’s ‘underconscious’

in Collaborations | 10 SEP 20
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‘I don’t see them as grids’, says McArthur Binion of his ‘DNA’ paintings, ‘I see them as shapes’. In this video, the veteran Chicago-based artist explains how he repurposes the minimalist grid to include personal items such as his address book, his birth certificate and images of the house where he was born. Such biographical elements constitute, he says, the ‘under conscious’ of the work, while a series of works on paper, the ‘Under:Conscious Drawings’, are a further exploration of ‘where the work comes from'.


Filmed at Gray Warehouse in Chicago, where Binion is exhibiting for the first time, in the video the artist reflects on the importance of ‘a really specific space’ to showing this work. ‘The work and the space are in love here’, he reflects. ‘It’s a good marriage’.


McArthur Binion DNA: Work and the Under: Conscious Drawings’ is on view at Gray Warehouse, Chicago from 10 September to 31 October 2020.