in Collaborations , Videos | 12 SEP 22

Idris Khan Wants You to Fall into the Frame

At Sean Kelly’s new Los Angeles gallery, the artist proposes new landscape patterns

in Collaborations , Videos | 12 SEP 22
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‘The new composition of the painting is very different for me, because I have never combined both music and words in one frame,’ says Idris Khan. Speaking from his studio in London, the artist talks about what it’s like to present the inaugural show at Sean Kelly Gallery’s new space in Los Angeles, his relationship to the city and the evolution of his practice. 

In addition to the introduction of copper blue into his paintings and a new series of watercolours, Khan is working for the first time with 3D printing to make two bronze sculptures. Each surface captures a different piece of music, with the notes embedded into the bronze - so that the piece is almost like it is 'held, frozen in time,' he says. Inspired by the architectural choices made by Sean Kelly and architect for the new gallery space, Khan drew parallels between the landscape created by four windows and the fragmentation of space in his paintings.  While he is using two shades of colours in his works, the difference between the outer and inner frames is almost imperceivable, only distinguishable by the markings he has made on the surface – written words or musical notes. 

When describing his show in Los Angeles, Khan makes references the city’s cinematic history and the intrinsic role the camera still plays. He wants viewers to stand in front of his large paintings and go into a meditative space; he wants, he says, viewers to 'almost fall into the frame.'

Idris Khan, ‘The Pattern of Landscape’ is on view at Sean Kelly, Los Angeles from 17 September to 5 November 2022

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