23 APR 19

Idris Khan: Blue Rhythms

Ahead of his second solo exhibition at New York’s Sean Kelly Gallery, Idris Khan discusses the significance of the colour blue

23 APR 19 in Idris Khan: Blue Rhythms

‘For me, the significance of the colour blue is that it can have an immediate effect on emotion. I think it can make some people very very happy and it can make some people very very sad.’ With an exhibition at Sean Kelly Gallery opening 4 May 2019, the London-based artist discusses his recent turn to colour.

The exhibition will include a new body of paintings, photographs and sculpture that continue the artist’s investigation into the passage and collapse of time and its use within textual, musical and visual bodies. Khan’s compositions are defined by his precise technique of layering image, text and music. Inspired by the work of Emily Dickinson, T.S. Eliot and Philip Larkin, his practice is concerned with the traces of what people have left behind and champions a slow and considered approach to observation. 

‘Blue Rhythms’, is on view at Sean Kelly Gallery from 4 May – 22 June 2019. For more information, visit the Sean Kelly Gallery website here