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Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry: Rocks

Choose a single object of special significance from your working or living environment

BY Lee 'Scratch' Perry in One Takes | 22 MAY 14

Photograph: Volker Schaner

At the moment I am in Jamaica and the ‘things’ I need most are glue, marker pens, chains and rocks. I like to do things with rocks. Rocks have been used by mankind forever. Back in the Stone Age rocks were used for tools. The minerals and metals in rocks have been essential to humans. You can get crystals and granite from them. Nothing stops me in life because I stand on a foundation solid as a rock.

I also use mirrors. A mirror is an object that reflects light. It can also capture and reveal us to ourselves. My mirrors are used for reflections of souls. My mirrors can reveal the shadow self – the dark side. Any evil creature without a soul, such as a vampire, will have no reflection.

The mirror is like a crystal ball and can be used for creating magic brain visions. When you break a mirror, it frees angry trapped souls from within who then have nowhere to go and nothing to do but haunt the nearest person – the person who broke the mirror.

I use the rocks, mirrors, pens and chains to put on hats and boots so I am a walking work of art. People don’t have to go to museums or art galleries to see art when they see me. The original creator Jah who ART in heaven sent us here to create, not destroy. So I follow his will by making everything I do art, 24/7. I have been writing on rocks, walls and books for many years now. I started doing this back in my studio The Black Ark in the 1970s before I burned it down to cleanse it of unrighteous spirits.

I’m a miracle man. Things happen which I don’t plan – I’ve never planned anything. Whatever I do I want it to be an instant action object, instant reaction subject. Instant input, instant output. Instant hats and instant shoes. Who Art in Heaven on Earth.

Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry is a producer, musician and artist who lives in Zurich, Switzerland. His latest album Back on the Controls was released in May on Rolling Lion Studio and Upsetter Records. Perry, who paints regularly, has been collaborating with London-based artist Peter Harris on a series of paintings and drawings since 2006.