Issue 15
Jun - Aug 2014

Issue 15 of frieze d/e turns to Zurich. Writer Daniel Binswanger and novelist Sibylle Berg share their cultural experiences of Switzerland and its most important economic centre.

Four decades of Hanne Darboven’s art and personal artefacts have been exhibited together for the first time. Jan Verwoert asks, does the late artist’s Hamburg studio reveal new insights into her enigmatic life and work?

Also featured" Michael Bracewell on the multimedia world of Los Angeles-based artist Friedrich Kunath; regular contributor Elvia Wilk talks to Swiss artist Tobias Madison about his plans for an experimental education department at MoMA PS1; and curator Carson Chan looks at how architect Peter Zumthor attempts to capture a lifetime of work, in his recently published catalogue raisonné. 

From this issue

The artist’s studio as a clue to decoding her work? Four decades of Hanne Darboven’s conceptual art and artefacts from her house in Hamburg are exhibited together for the first time

BY Jan Verwoert | 31 MAY 14

Philosophical manoeuvrings and political realities

BY Jörg Heiser | 31 MAY 14

Cultured landscapes

30 MAY 14

The life and work of Swiss filmmaker Peter Liechti, who died in April

BY Bert Rebhandl | 30 MAY 14

Switzerland’s schizoid relationship to internationalism and isolationism

BY Daniel Binswanger | 29 MAY 14

An entirely personal cultural report from Zurich

BY Sibylle Berg | 29 MAY 14

How Zurich-based designer Julian Zigerli is redefining men’s fashion

BY Katrin Kruse | 29 MAY 14

Bündner Kunstmuseum

28 MAY 14

Tobias Madison talks to Elvia Wilk about the liberating effects of alienation, running an education department for MoMA PS1, New York this summer and why art should be a hobby

BY Elvia Wilk | 28 MAY 14

Heinz Mack on his sculptural work The Sky Over Nine Columns that will be installed in Venice this summer

BY Heinz Mack | 28 MAY 14

From Californian glamour and Hollywood dreams to loss, loneliness and despair: comedy and melancholy in the work of Friedrich Kunath

BY Michael Bracewell | 27 MAY 14

Berlin-based dancer and choreographer Adam Linder and his reinterpretation of Jean Cocteau’s seminal ballet Parade

BY Astrid Kaminski | 27 MAY 14

Berlin-based musician Jam Rostron aka Planningtorock tells Jan Kedves why US comedian Melissa McCarthy is a feminist icon

BY Jan Kedves | 26 MAY 14


25 MAY 14

Discretely unfamiliar

BY Kito Nedo | 25 MAY 14

The curator of the 8th Berlin Biennale Juan A. Gaitán on objects, from the walking stick to the pen

BY Juan A. Gaitán | 25 MAY 14

How have artists’ attitudes to authorship, criticality and commercialism changed?

BY John Beeson | 24 MAY 14

On his 70th birthday, retracing the writer’s steps along the ‘Sebald walk’

BY Saim Demircan | 24 MAY 14

Hamburger Bahnhof

BY Ronald Berg | 23 MAY 14

With the publication of his recent five-volume catalogue raisonnée, how does architect Peter Zumthor convey a lifetime’s body of work?

BY Carson Chan | 23 MAY 14

Hauser & Wirth

22 MAY 14

Choose a single object of special significance from your working or living environment

BY Lee 'Scratch' Perry | 22 MAY 14

Kunstverein in Hamburg

21 MAY 14

GAK Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst

BY Britta Peters | 20 MAY 14

Museum für Gegenwartskunst

BY Jörg Scheller | 19 MAY 14

Galerie Thomas Fischer

BY Verena Straub | 17 MAY 14

carlier | gebauer

BY Övül Durmuşoğlu | 15 MAY 14


BY Magdalena Kröner | 14 MAY 14

Blain | Southern, Berlin & Herbert-Gerisch-Stiftung, Neumünster

BY Jan Kedves | 13 MAY 14

A round-up of five gallery shows in Cologne

BY Dominikus Müller | 12 MAY 14