Paul Teasdale

Paul Teasdale is editor of frieze.com. He is based in London.

A brief look at arts funding, the future of museums, and the dangers of efficiency

BY Paul Teasdale | 14 MAR 18

With a solo presentation at Frieze London, Melvin Edwards discusses symbols, self-expression and his work in the Tate’s ‘Soul of a Nation’ show

BY Paul Teasdale | 05 OCT 17

A guide to the off-site shows in Venice this week

BY Paul Teasdale | 08 MAY 17

Ahead of the public opening of documenta 14 this Saturday, a look at what we already know from ‘Learning from Athens’

BY Paul Teasdale | 06 APR 17

The new director of London's ICA discusses rebuilding, restructuring and the integrity of culture

BY Paul Teasdale | 10 FEB 17

Tonight's highlights: two significant new painting shows and an impressive new film by Charlotte Prodger

BY Paul Teasdale | 05 OCT 16

Mnuchin Gallery, New York & The George Economou Collection, Athens

BY Paul Teasdale | 17 SEP 16

To accompany frieze.com hosting his latest film for a limited period, London-based artist Steve Bishop gives an insight into how it came about

BY Paul Teasdale | 04 AUG 16

A round-up of the best current shows in the Greek capital

BY Paul Teasdale | 07 JUL 16

Sol Calero and Christopher Kline talk about their collaborative project, Conglomerate TV

BY Paul Teasdale | 12 JUN 16

Does looking at, or reading, something online change its meaning?

BY Paul Teasdale | 01 JUN 16

What does it take to be a Frieze New York tour guide?

BY Paul Teasdale | 07 MAY 16

An interview with Jacob Proctor and Fabian Schöneich, advisors to Frame and Focus

BY Paul Teasdale | 03 MAY 16

Frieze Projects curator, Cecilia Alemani, on commissioning process

BY Paul Teasdale | 25 APR 16

The frieze digital editors select their highlights from the recently opened Glasgow International Festival

BY Harry Thorne AND Paul Teasdale | 13 APR 16

On exits and exiles

BY Paul Teasdale | 04 JUN 15

If exit polls are to be believed (and the recent UK elections have sadly shown they should be) the main show of this year's 56th Venice Biennale is a flop. ‘Dreadful’, 'dire’, 'depressing’ are some of the more printable adjectives I’ve heard to describe it. ‘Venice is Bad' was the insightful email header from a supposedly serious art news source.

BY Paul Teasdale | 09 MAY 15

On collective memory and personal experience

BY Paul Teasdale | 18 MAR 15

Cold portraits and warm-hearted annotations

BY Paul Teasdale | 20 FEB 15

How humour feeds painting

BY Paul Teasdale | 03 NOV 14