Jan Kedves

Jan Kedves is a writer, editor and author of Talking Fashion. From Nick Knight to Raf Simons in Their Own Words (Prestel, 2013). He is based in Berlin.

A rare, in-depth interview with fashion designer Jil Sander

BY Jan Kedves | 18 JAN 18

The Berlin artists' group Honey-Suckle Company is a fashion house, band and style icon. A new book outlines the group's activities

BY Jan Kedves | 23 AUG 16

Simon Elson's new biography of the overlooked art connoisseur Max J. Friedländer

BY Jan Kedves | 10 MAR 16

Artist and composer Arnold Dreyblatt discusses his project Performing the Black Mountain Archive

BY Jan Kedves | 04 JUN 15

Jan Kedves talks with Jimmy Robert about performance, paper and movement as a form of writing

BY Jan Kedves | 29 MAY 15

An afternoon with Walter Pfeiffer

BY Jan Kedves | 21 APR 15

Heidelberger Kunstverein

BY Jan Kedves | 14 NOV 14

Stefan Goldmann asks how Berlin-made music software has affected global club sounds

BY Jan Kedves | 14 NOV 14

On good translations and difficult texts

BY Jan Kedves | 31 AUG 14

Fashion designer Hussein Chalayan talks about his new role as professor at the Angewandte in Vienna

BY Jan Kedves | 24 AUG 14

Berlin-based musician Jam Rostron aka Planningtorock tells Jan Kedves why US comedian Melissa McCarthy is a feminist icon

BY Jan Kedves | 26 MAY 14

Blain | Southern, Berlin & Herbert-Gerisch-Stiftung, Neumünster

BY Jan Kedves | 13 MAY 14

Daniel Pflumm was a central figure in the cultural scene of 1990s Berlin. Pflumm rarely gives interviews. Jan Kedves and Dominikus Müller spoke with him

BY Jan Kedves | 24 APR 14

Actor and theatre director Herbert Fritsch on his love of art – from Jackson Pollock to Dieter Roth – and not using scripts

BY Jan Kedves | 23 APR 14

Founded in 1997, the Berlin-based print magazine De:Bug focused on ‘life’s electronic aspects’, covering techno, programming and net criticism. April 2014 saw the last print issue of the influential magazine. Writer and DJ Sascha Kösch, aka Bleed, co-founder and editor-in-chief from May 2012, talks to Jan Kedves about why De:Bug folded, tech-euphoria and why he’s bored of Post-Internet art

BY Jan Kedves | 22 APR 14

Rita McBride explains her ten-point manifesto for the Dusseldorf Art Academy

BY Jan Kedves | 20 FEB 14

Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst, Berlin

BY Jan Kedves | 15 FEB 14

Die meist doch eher leidige Frage, inwiefern Mode Kunst ist, oder sein kann, hat sich 2013 anscheinend mit besonderer Dringlichkeit gestellt. Warum sonst gab es in diesem Jahr zig Ausstellungen und Buchveröffentlichungen zum Thema? Auch auf den Laufstegen war Kunst omnipräsent, der Bezugspunkt war vor allem: Malerei. In etlichen 2014er-Kollektionen wird Stoff zur Leinwand und bekleckst, besprüht, bepinselt. Ein Rückblick auf die "canvas collections" des ausgehenden/kommenden Jahres.

BY Jan Kedves | 19 DEC 13

Why have art collaborations become so annoying?

BY Jan Kedves | 15 AUG 13

With the 50th anniversary of the DAAD’s Artists-in-Berlin Programme this year, a visit to its most legendary artists’ apartment

BY Jan Kedves | 15 AUG 13