Bert Rebhandl

Bert Rebhandl is a journalist, writer and translator who lives in Berlin. He co-founded and co-edits Cargo magazine.

From the controversial winner of the Golden Bear to Morgan Fisher's homage to Bruce Conner – to possibly the bleakest film ever made

BY Bert Rebhandl | 27 FEB 18

Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, Germany

BY Bert Rebhandl | 15 OCT 17

Two comedies from the recent Toronto International Film Festival highlight the relationship change between TV and cinema

BY Bert Rebhandl | 22 SEP 17

Celebrating its 70th anniversary, a preview of some of the highlights of this year’s festival which opens today

BY Bert Rebhandl | 17 MAY 17

The lead in The Handmaiden, Kim Min-hee is proving to be the most interesting Korean actor for some time

BY Bert Rebhandl | 13 APR 17

Two of the most interesting films from this year's Berlinale festival were created by alumni of Harvard's Sensory Ethnography Lab

BY Bert Rebhandl | 21 FEB 17

How the volatile political climate in the US might influence this year’s voting

BY Bert Rebhandl | 30 JAN 17

The Revenant to Toni Erdmann to Elle: a look back at the year's best films

BY Bert Rebhandl | 07 DEC 16

On Ken Loach’s I, Daniel Blake, winner of the Palme d'Or at this year's Cannes Film Festival

BY Bert Rebhandl | 14 OCT 16

On Robert Greene’s new meta-documentary Kate Plays Christine

BY Bert Rebhandl | 12 OCT 16

This week’s Culture Digest focuses on three new film releases. First up, Andrea Arnold’s American Honey

BY Bert Rebhandl | 10 OCT 16

Part three of Bert Rebhandl’s film picks: food for thought in Naomi Kawase’s latest

BY Bert Rebhandl | 23 JUL 16

Thomas Vinterberg’s return to form: part two of the best new film releases selected by Bert Rebhandl

BY Bert Rebhandl | 21 JUL 16

Bert Rebhandl selects three of the best new film releases: part 1, a Greek maritime comedy

BY Bert Rebhandl | 18 JUL 16

Clemens von Wedemeyer's films and installations and their battles with points of view 

BY Bert Rebhandl | 06 JUL 16

Villa Stuck, Munich / Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, Germany

BY Bert Rebhandl | 29 JUN 16

Innocence and emancipation in Deniz Gamze Ergüven's latest film

BY Bert Rebhandl | 06 MAY 16

A new film from Tom Tykwer sees Tom Hanks stranded in the Saudi-Arabian desert

BY Bert Rebhandl | 04 MAY 16

A new film from Richard Linklater

BY Bert Rebhandl | 02 MAY 16

Omer Fast's feature film adaption of Tom McCarthy's novel Remainder

BY Bert Rebhandl | 10 MAR 16