BY Ryuto Miyake in Questionnaires | 07 DEC 20

Ryuto Miyake Is an Aquarian Who Misses His Parakeets

The Tokyo-based illustrator behind frieze’s new edition of astrological prints answers our questionnaire 

BY Ryuto Miyake in Questionnaires | 07 DEC 20

Ryuto Miyake is the illustrator behind the ‘Zodiac’ series (2020) featured on frieze’s contributors’ page. Part of the magazine’s recent redesign, this page highlights writers and artists from each issue, pairing their biographies with one of Miyake’s unique takes on the 12 star signs. (Look closely for Miyake’s subtle symbolism: the daffodils that surface during Aries season; Sagittarius’s archer-like focus.) 

With the series now available as a set of limited-edition offset lithographs, exclusively on, we had the pleasure of Tokyo-based Miyake answering our questionnaire.  

 Ryuto Miyake
Ryuto Miyake, 2019. Courtesy: the artist 

What was the first work of art you loved?

When I was a child, I enjoyed taking records with cover artworks that I liked from my parents’ shelf and laying them on my desk. These might not be considered art in the traditional sense, but I always loved displaying Kraftwerk’s albums, especially Autobahn (1974).


What is underrated? 

My brother’s music – he is one part of the Tokyo-based synth duo CRYSTAL. Their new album, Ecco Funk, was made in collaboration with Thundercat (and the cover artwork is by me!). 

 Ryuto Miyake Gemini print
Ryuto Miyake, Gemini, 2020. Produced exclusively for frieze  

What is the most important book you’ve read lately?

The Evolution of Beauty: How Darwin's Forgotten Theory of Mate Choice Shapes the Animal World (2017) by Richard O. Prum, which I am in the middle of reading. The author argues for the importance of aesthetics in avian evolution, a feature of Charles Darwin’s theory that was later undermined. I believe that birds and other animals must have their own sense of beauty – one of my parakeets is so picky about the shape and colour of his toys. This book tickles my imagination about what is going through their minds.

What is your star sign?



What surprises people about you?

I’m good at playing with a yo-yo.

Ryuto Miyake Aries
Ryuto Miyake, Aries, 2020. Produced exclusively for frieze  

What do you like to do when you’re alone?

Drink wine on my couch – which is more fun if someone eventually joins me.


Who do you miss?

The parakeets I had.

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Main image: Ryuto Miyake, Zodiac, 2020. Produced exclusively for frieze  

Ryuto Miyake is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Tokyo