in Frieze Seoul | 25 AUG 22

Solo Presentations at Frieze Seoul 2022

From Tavares Strachan’s exploration into the unseen to 20th-century masterworks by Pistoletto and Lichtenstein

in Frieze Seoul | 25 AUG 22

Frieze Seoul 2022 features a strong lineup of solo presentations from some of the world’s leading galleries. Highlights include:

Global Perspectives

The conceptual artist Tavares Strachan presents an iteration of The Encyclopedia of Invisibility, a sculptural work that features thousands of entries focused on historically marginalized individuals, places, and events. (Perrotin)

Japanese-born artist Atsushi Kaga’s works incorporate a mixture of Western art history, philosophy, Celtic culture, and Japanese painting. Kaga’s solo booth centers around his ‘self-portrait’ series, featuring an anthropomorphized rabbit. (mother’s tankstation and Maho Kubota Gallery)

Cartoon-like painting of a bunny
Atsushi Kaga, The cat who sleeps like a person and the bunny who sleeps like a cat, 2022, Acrylic and imitation gold leaf on canvas, Courtesy the artist, Maho Kubota Gallery, Tokyo and mother’s tankstation Dublin | London

Subtle and shocking in turn, Swiss artist and feminist legend Miriam Cahn’s robust practice explores an ongoing battle against violence and oppression in all forms. (Galerie Jocelyn Wolff and Meyer Riegger)

Assemblages by José Santos III transform mundane objects into the sublime, puncturing our experience of the perfunctory and demanding a heightened awareness of value in the everyday. (The Drawing Room)

Abstract bright watercolour painting
Miriam Cahn, atombombe, 07.09.1991, watercolour on paper, Courtesy of the Artist and Galerie Jocelyn Wolff and Meyer Riegger

American Art Today

LA-based artist Calvin Marcus zeroes in on the weeds and tiny leaves that so often appear in his work in a new series of paintings imbued with his characteristic playfulness. (David Kordansky Gallery)

Painting of a man juggling cake
Derek Fordjour, Cake Man, Acrylic, charcoal, cardboard, oil, pastel and foil on newspaper mounted on canvas, Courtesy of the Artist and Petzel

Growing up as the son of Ghanaian immigrants in Memphis, Tennessee, Derek Fordjour embarked upon a remarkable artistic journey that continues today, defined by painful — and courageous — reflections on self and society alike. (Petzel Gallery)

New works by Sterling Ruby from the artist’s ‘TURBINE’ series build on his longstanding interest in examining tensions between fluidity and stasis, Expressionism and Minimalism, the abject and the pristine. (Xavier Hufkens)

Abstract painting black with bright gestures
Sterling Ruby, TURBINE. ABALONE CAGE., 2022, Acrylic, oil, and cardboard on canvas, Courtesy the Artist and Xavier Hufkens, Brussels, photo credit: Robert Wedemeyer

Solo Frieze Masters

A selection of works by American pop artist Roy Lichtenstein from the 1980s, curated by the same gallery that sold out his first one-man show in 1962. (Castelli Gallery)

A presentation retracing the practice and trajectory of Michelangelo Pistoletto, Italian painter, art theorist, and celebrated pioneer of the Arte Povera movement. (Galleria Continua)

Self portrait image by Pistoletto
Michelangelo Pistoletto, Autoritratto persona che cammina, 1988, Silkscreen on polished stainless steel, Courtesy of the Artist and Gallery Continua

Around forty museum-quality works by the provocateur of Austrian Expressionist art, Egon Schiele, including oil paintings, watercolours and drawings. The exhibition will show the full range of the artist’s genius – his famous erotic paintings of women, his portraits, and his rare landscapes will hang side by side. (Richard Nagy)

Potrait of Edith Schiele taking her shirt off, by Egon Schiele
Egon Schiele, Woman Disrobing (Edith Schiele), Gouache and pencil on paper, Courtesy of Richard Nagy


Main Image: Derek Fordjour, Cake Man, Acrylic, charcoal, cardboard, oil, pastel and foil on newspaper mounted on canvas, Courtesy of the Artist and Petzel