in Frieze | 02 OCT 16

Special Editions

Alia Al-Senussi, Yana Peel, Russell Tovey choose their favourite Allied Editions

in Frieze | 02 OCT 16

Allied Editions is an artist’s editions collective organized by several UK public institutions: Camden Arts Centre, Chisenhale Gallery, Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), South London Gallery, Serpentine Galleries, Studio Voltaire and Whitechapel Gallery – this year, Nottingham Contemporary is a guest. Hosted by Frieze London, Allied Editions sells specially commissioned artworks for as little as £120.

We asked five of London’s top tastemakers to share their recommendations from this year’s stand: located at Frieze London, stand B22.

Etel Adnan, Summer, 2016,wool tapestry,  2 x 2.5 m – edition of 15 + 3, £10,000

Yana Peel
CEO, Serpentine Galleries

Lorna Simpson for Camden Arts Centre
Cliff (2016), print – edition of 20, £1,500
This print is a great example of Simpson's ability to draw new narratives out of existing imagery, questioning our assumptions about race, gender, and the construction of history. 

Etel Adnan for Serpentine Galleries
Summer (2016) and Playground (2016), wool tapestry – editions of 15, each £10,000
These tapestry designs were selected by Etel to be produced as Serpentine Galleries Limited Editions alongside her show with us this summer. The original drawings were made in the 60s and 70s but were only made into tapestries this year. Their joyful use of colour is so typical of her work, as was her generosity in allowing us to produce, with HENI editions, two new works when only a few have ever been completed.

William Kentridge for Whitechapel Gallery
Yesterday’s Good Idea (2016)
, woodcut and collage – variable edition of 44, £1,800
Kentridge's ability to confront history in the most poetic of ways is evident in this edition as much as it is in his long-form animations. The layering of the woodcut print over a collage of papers with their own history makes each version of this edition unique. Looking forward to the Kentridge show at the Whitechapel!

Eva Rothschild, Glimpse I. II, III, IV, 2016, jesmonite, fibre glass, spray paint, steel, 42 x 26 x 3 cm – 4 unique works, £4000

Roksanda Ilincic
Fashion designer

Eva Rothschild for Camden Arts Centre
Glimpse I. II, III, IV (2016), jesmonite, fibreglass, spray paint, steel – 4 unique works
, £4,000
The balance between colour, texture and structure have immediately drawn me to this innovative and impactful piece. I love how Eva manipulates her materials to create a contrast between minimal and clinical and something that mimics the scope of the artist’s hand.

Pablo Bronstein, Chatsworth Sauce Tureen in Gold, 2015, hand coloured etching on Somerset Velvet Radiant White 250gsm – edition of 10, signed and numbered, £750

Alia Al-Senussi
Chair, Tate Young Patrons

Pablo Bronstein for Nottingham Contemporary
Chatsworth Sauce Tureen in Gold (2015)
, hand coloured etching – edition of 10
, £750

Pablo has captivated us all, from his evocative works here in London to the thoughtful way he has combined history and contemporary practice in Nottingham.  Pablo is indeed adding to the conversation of our own living understanding of who we are and where we came from.

Betty Woodman for ICA
From Nina’s Room (2016)
, archival pigment print – edition of 45, 
Betty charmed me giving a tour of her presentation with Salon 94 at Frieze Masters in 2015, as well as her breakthrough show at the ICA.  Her incredible energy and beautiful works are captured in every part of this edition.

Etel Adnan for Serpentine Galleries
Summer (2016) and Playground (2016), wool tapestry – editions of 15, each £10,000
How can I choose between the two works?!  Both are perfection and Etel is a living legend. As Hans Ulrich Obrist would say: ‘she is a poet and beyond, who deserves the Nobel Prize for Literature URGENTLY.’

Sanya Kantarovsky, Lacriminal, 2016, wood cut print, 45 x 66 cm – edition of 30, starting price £500

Amy Sherlock
Deputy Editor, frieze

Sanya Kantarovsky for Studio Voltaire
Lacriminal (2016)
, wood cut print – edition of 30, 
This guy: perhaps he has just lost a game of croquet to the Queen of Hearts in Wonderland ('Off with his head!)? An intriguing riddle of a piece.

Betty Woodman for ICA
From Nina’s Room (2016), archival pigment print – edition of 45, 
I love that this pot looks as though it has jumped out of the painted room behind. It takes centre stage, beyond confines of decor or interior design, just as Betty’s incredible ceramics themselves do.

Elizabeth Price for Studio Voltaire
WE (2016)
, silk screen with embossing – edition of 100, £120
With the 'W' upside down, this would read entirely differently. As it is, a simple, powerful reminder — in beautiful typography — that one is always many.

Jamian Juliano-Villani, Is there room for Bruce?, 2016, digital pigment print with embossing on Somerset Radiant White 330gsm, 46 x 61 cm – edition of 85, starting price £140

Russell Tovey
Actor and collector

Lynette Yiadom-Boakye for Camden Arts Centre
Osprey (2016)
, copper plate etching – edition of 25
This is a really beautiful work, small in scale but powerful. It would be really lovely to live with. Lynette is a superior talent, and she’s rapidly becoming cemented in art history – now is the time to collect her.

Jamian Juliano-Villani for Studio Volatire
Is there room for Bruce? (2016)
, digital pigment print with embossing – edition of 85
, £140
Jamian is killing it right now! She’s maybe the most 'real deal' artist I have ever met. This superb edition is a way to get on board her talent boat.

Alasdair McLellan for ICA
Blondey (2013) (2016)
 c-type print
 – edition of 50, £550
I love Alasdair’s work: he captures model’s personality in such a nostalgic, thought provoking way. He dominates the fashion world and the art world is taking notice in a big way: this ia great entry to collecting photography.

Betty Woodman
From Nina’s Room (2016)
, archival pigment print – edition of 45, 
Just so cool, vibrant, fun - it would bring so much brightness to an interior. Typical of Betty’s work: it’s a steal for such a classic work.