Hera Chan

Hera Chan is a writer and curator based in Hong Kong. She co-founded Atelier Céladon in Montreal, Canada.

At Blindspot Gallery, twin solo exhibitions use the weather to reflect on political oppression

BY Hera Chan | 01 NOV 19

After the announced withdrawal of the controversial extradition bill, artists and cultural workers are amongst those keeping the protest movement alive

BY Hera Chan | 06 SEP 19

At HB Station in Guangzhou, the artist offers a shattered version of domestic bliss

BY Hera Chan | 30 JUL 19

The Beijing-based filmmaker focuses on performances in day-to-day life to suggest how history is produced

BY Hera Chan | 21 JAN 19

With a show at The Bronx Museum of the Arts, disguise, diasporic identity and dolphins collide in the New York-based artist’s work

BY Hera Chan | 31 OCT 18

Fan’s work manipulates the archetype and architecture of the body as we understand it

BY Hera Chan | 30 MAR 18

Duddell’s, Hong Kong

BY Hera Chan | 16 JAN 18