Jason Farago

Jason Farago is an art critic for The New York Times and the co-founder of Even. He lives in New York, USA.

Gladstone Gallery, New York, USA

BY Jason Farago | 30 OCT 14

Schaulager, Basel, Switzerland

BY Jason Farago | 13 AUG 14

‘MoMA is simply a fact of life, an epiphenomenon of a larger economic and social miscarriage reflected too in the glitzy towers that ring the museum’

BY Jason Farago | 17 JAN 14

Jason Farago is a columnist and critic based in New York. He is a regular contributor to The Guardian.

BY Jason Farago | 18 DEC 13

De Appel’s new course in art dealing

BY Jason Farago | 20 JUN 13

Europe’s fastest-growing city is home to a supportive community of artists, curators and writers. From independent spaces in the Grønland neighbourhood and the influential Academy of Fine Art to OCA’s uncertain future and Renzo Piano’s divisive Astrup Fearnley Museet, Jason Farago and Milena Hoegsberg report from the Norwegian capital

BY Milena Hoegsberg AND Jason Farago | 13 APR 13

The chess-playing automaton that defeated Napoleon

BY Jason Farago | 01 JAN 13

The surge in popularity of The Metropolitan Museum

BY Jason Farago | 01 FEB 12