Louisa Elderton

Louisa Elderton is a writer and editor based in Berlin. She was the Curatorial Editor at Gropius Bau, and is currently Managing Editor of ICI Berlin Press.

The British sculptor who raised the humble to the monumental is honoured by former students and colleagues

The Austrian art festival creatively rethinks ways of exhibition-making during a pandemic with a collection of commissioned TV shows

BY Louisa Elderton | 12 NOV 20

With the 25th anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide against the Tutsi, an exhibition at Leipzig’s GfZK sheds light on the aftermath of the tragedy

BY Louisa Elderton | 03 SEP 19

The Belgrade-born sculptor developed a language that acknowledged a world in flux

BY Louisa Elderton | 12 AUG 19

A tactile show in Berlin of the California-based painter refreshes colour-field abstraction for our digital age of infinite screen time

BY Louisa Elderton | 17 APR 19

The London-based sculptor’s new show at Kunstverein München delves into the queasy malleability of bodies

BY Louisa Elderton | 19 MAR 19

‘Compass: MCA Collection’ at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art focused on both what it means to be a black person and a woman in Australia

BY Louisa Elderton | 12 FEB 19

A report from the 7th instalment of Denmark’s Socle du Monde Biennale: ‘to challenge the Earth, the Moon, the Sun & the Stars’

BY Louisa Elderton | 04 MAY 17

Galerie Neu, Berlin, Germany

BY Louisa Elderton | 12 OCT 16

Real Fine Arts, Brooklyn, USA

BY Louisa Elderton | 07 JUN 16

Sexauer, Berlin, Germany

BY Louisa Elderton | 01 APR 16

Carriageworks, Sydney, Australia

BY Louisa Elderton | 19 FEB 16

Supportico Lopez, Berlin, Germany

BY Louisa Elderton | 21 OCT 15

Modern Art, London, UK

BY Louisa Elderton | 21 OCT 15

Eastside Projects, Birmingham, UK

BY Louisa Elderton | 18 AUG 15

Galleria Lorcan O'Neill, Rome, Italy

BY Louisa Elderton | 09 JUN 14

Adham Faramawy’s solo show at Cell Project Space – his first since graduating from London’s Royal Academy Schools last year – depicted liquid luxury

BY Louisa Elderton | 18 MAR 14