Paul Kildea

Paul Kildea is a conductor and writer and former artistic director of Wigmore Hall, London, UK. His most recent book, Chopin’s Piano: A Journey Through Romanticism (2018), is published by Penguin/Allen Lane.

‘Light was shone into the darkest corners of the continent to reveal the most wonderful traditions, which had been isolated by cold war ideologies and boundaries’

BY Paul Kildea | 08 JAN 19

Knussen’s music laid out each component as ‘precarious, vulnerable, exposed’ – and his conducting similarly worked from the inside out

BY Paul Kildea | 13 JUL 18

Conlon Nancarrow (Other Minds, 2008)

BY Paul Kildea | 01 NOV 08

Alex Ross (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York, 2007)

BY Paul Kildea | 05 MAY 08

The state of classical music criticism today

BY Paul Kildea | 07 JUN 06

Poul Ruders' The Handmaid's Tale

BY Paul Kildea | 07 JUN 03