Sonja-Maria Borstner

Sonja-Maria Borstner is a writer, curator and editorial assistant at frieze based in Berlin, Germany. She is co-editor of the online magazine PASSE-AVANT. 

The city’s best autumn exhibitions

BY Sonja-Maria Borstner | 09 SEP 20

The Turner prize winner's exhibition at Grazer Kunstverein shows how fate can always be challenged

BY Sonja-Maria Borstner | 12 AUG 20

The artist’s exhibition at PSM Gallery, Berlin, reflects on the relationship between body and mind

BY Sonja-Maria Borstner | 05 FEB 20

From Yael Bartana’s weapon funeral to Patricia Kaersenhout’s homage to Judy Chicago, your guide to the best shows in the Dutch capital

BY Sonja-Maria Borstner | 21 NOV 19

The studio’s first exhibition in Europe explores the politics of shapeshifting

BY Sonja-Maria Borstner | 07 OCT 19