Darin and Greg Bresnitz, Snacky Tunes

August, 2020

Since 2009, the podcast Snacky Tunes has explored the intersections of music and food, sparking innovative collaborations between chefs and musicians. With a new book celebrating the program out from Phaidon this October, co-hosts Darin and Greg Bresnitz talked to frieze publisher Rebecca Ann Siegel about what our listening (and eating) habits tell us about ourselves –  featuring a special kitchen playlist by chef and owner of London’s Darjeeling Express, Asma Khan. 

Listen to chef and owner of London's Darjeeling Express restaurant, Asma Khan's After 9pm playlist here

She says; These songs are on my playlist when it’s late at night, after dinner. I like to make the dough for the paratha or chapati the night before it is cooked and served. It’s so much easier to roll if the dough has rested for a bit. So this is the music I play when I knead the dough. Often, I wash and soak red kidney beans, black chickpeas, or lentils before sleeping. I do not wash up. I soak the pots in hot water and detergent. I guess the playlist reflects my roots: I am a Londoner with a distinct Indian accent. I am from both the East and the West, and the playlist reflects that. 

The Snacky Tunes episodes are available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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