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The Shilla Seoul

The Shilla Seoul is a premium life-style hotel that offers refined rest and relaxation and world-class services.

Contemporary Lifestyle Destination

The Shilla Seoul, a prestigious global hotel combining traditional Korean aesthetics with a modern sensibility, is a premium lifestyle hotel that offers refined rest and world-class services with our philosophy.

Its guest house, YEONG BIN GWAN, welcomes VIPs with the traditional beauty of Korea and a modernistic interior designed by Peter Remedios. In Harmony with the natural beauty of Namsan Mountain, The Shilla Seoul represents the elegance and beauty of Korea. The Shilla Seoul has introduced a new concept of a 'contemporary lifestyle destination', and is being reborn as a luxury hotel that offers its patrons not only rest and relaxation but also a refined lifestyle encompassing elegant restaurants, arts and culture, beauty, shopping, weddings, and entertainment.

As a Global Luxury Property

As a member of the LHW, The Shilla Seoul is the equal of other luxury hotels around the world, providing stellar services to each and every patron. It has earned compliments and high praise from heads of states and renowned figures in the fields of diplomacy, economy, and culture. As a matter of fact, it has been selected as the best hotel in Korea every year by well-known foreign media such as Conde Nast Traveler, Travel & Leisure, Zagat, and Euromoney among others.


249, Dongho-ro
South Korea