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The Circle of Maître François
Luxury Boccaccio for the Duke of Berry, c. 1470
Hans Burgkmair , Hans Schäufelein , Erhard Schön , Wolf Traut , Master NH , Hans Weiditz , Jörg Breu , Leonhard Beck
Emperor Maximilian I's Theuerdank, 1517
Master of St. Radegund
Life of St. Radegund, including her Office, Mass and Miracles, accompanied by dedicatory poems, for King Charles VIII and Anne de Bretagne., 1496
Franciscan Master of Bruges
Psalter, use of Ghent, c. 1255-1260
Circle of Jean Poyer and Giovanni Todeschino
Rochechouart Book of Hours, use of Rome, c. 1500 (before 1504)