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Marc Chagall
Âne bleu aux fleurs, 1957
Rebecca Horn
Boys With One Spoon Too Much, 1996
Serge Poliakoff
Composition abstraite, 1961
Lucio Fontana
Concetto spaziale, 1963
Tony Cragg
Elliptical Column, 2013
Louise Nevelson
End of Day XXI, 1972
Max Ernst
Femmes traversant une rivière en criant, 1927
Chaim Soutine
Landscape at Cagnes, 1923
Marino Marini
Giocolieri e Cavallo, 1973
Emil Nolde
Landscape (Petersen II), 1924
Gabriele Münter
Landschaft bei Kallmünz (Landscape near Kallmünz), 1903
Alexej Jawlensky
Large Meditation: before Night comes, 1936
La ricerca del colore, 1966
Markus Lüpertz
Laubdach (Foliage Tent), 1970
Marc Chagall
Le peintre à la Tour Eiffel, 1965
Max Ernst
Les peupliers, 1939
Max Ernst
Objet mobile recommandé aux familles, 1970
Joan Mirò
L'oiseau, 1970
Pablo Picasso
Nu debout (Francoise), 1946
Hans Arp
Star Amphora, 1965
Günther Förg
Untitled, 1994
Yves Klein
Monochrome bleu (IKB 293), 1959
Stephan Balkenhol
Tall Man, black and white, 2017
Peter Halley
The Stand-In, 2019
Subodh Gupta
OK Mili, 2005
Günther Uecker
Plastische Linien - Reihung, 1972
Marc Quinn
Labrador Sound Thaw, 2009
Anselm Kiefer
Für Paul Celan: Rutengänger (For Paul Celan: Diviner), 2005-07
Max Ernst
Ci-fut une hirondelle, 1927
Sam Francis
When White, 1963-1964
Antony Gormley
Bowl Object, 1984
Alexej Jawlensky
House with palm tree, 1914