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Paul Heyer
312 (Sunflowers on Red), 2022
Marisa Takal
Longing, 2022
Elaine Stocki
Inverted Heart 3 (oiled heart), 2022
Daniel T. Gaitor-Lomack
Wings of Ice; Taxiarch, 2022
Clare Woods
Strange Things Happen, 2022
Christine Wang
More Plastic, 2022
Wanda Koop
Barcode Face- Red White, 2021
Marcel Alcalá
Fierce Drag Jewels (Portrait of Jacob Pollin), 2021
Snake Head Wanderer, 2021
Wanda Koop
Ghost Tree, 2021
Sarah Awad
Rose Talisman, 2021
Rose Marcus
Red Origin (In 2020, as an extension of her art practice, Marcus trained as a doula – a person dedicated to providing support before, during, and after childbirth, abortion, or miscarriage – in order to provide pro bono services to women in need. The Unit, 2021
Anne Libby
These Days, 115, 2021
Brie Ruais
Interweaving Two Times 130lbs (Thief Knot), 2021
Grant Levy-Lucero
Water Lilies (study), 2021