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John McLaughlin
#3, 1971
Douglas Huebler
Variable Piece #502, 1975, London - Tower of London Series, 1975
Jennifer Bartlett
Vertical Black and White Dots, 1973
Jennifer Bartlett
Revolve, 1970
David Novros
Untitled, 1969
David Novros
Untitled (series 3 A-F), 1995
Donald Judd
Untitled (5-L), 1961
Mark Di Suvero
Sioux, 1968
Joel Shapiro
Untitled, 1977
Jennifer Bartlett
1" - 12" Dotted, Ruled, Freehand Lines, 1975
Carl Andre
Line of March, 1972
Carl Andre
Zinc-Steel Dipole (E/W), 1975
Sol LeWitt
Wall Grid, 1971
Richard Serra
Alameda Black, 1981
Joel Shapiro
Sol LeWitt
Wall Structure, 1971
Jennifer Bartlett
Untitled (diagonals)
Robert Grosvenor
Untitled, 1975
Jackie Winsor
Small Double Circle, 1969