Charles Long
SendingLadyMotherFrame1, 2016
Sandra Cinto
Untitled (from the series By Chance and Necessity), 2016
Uta Barth
In the Light & Shadow of Morandi (17.05), 2017
Olafur Eliasson
Big tetraeder (WT), 2017
Lisa Oppenheim
Same girl as no. 4665. Showing the slight deformity of the hip. Work which required constant standing would be bad, so persons with curvature tire quickly. Their feet also are usually weak and they would be inclined to rest on one foot. This would throw e, 2016
Gillian Wearing
At Claude Cahun's grave, 2015
Slavs and Tatars
Figa, 2016
Tomas Saraceno
Zonal Harmonic 1N 67.5/7 + 3N, 2016
Ernesto Neto
Joy, 2016
Analia Saban
House of Cards (2015 -), 2015
Agnieszka Kurant
A.A.I 1, 2014
Olafur Eliasson
Colour experiment no. 64, 2014
Rivane Neuenschwander
M.G.G. (Banco Imobiliário/Monopoly), 2015
Haim Steinbach
Untitled (plumb, 2 Jamaican sculptures, beaker), 2015
Sandra Cinto
Untitled, 2015
Nicole Wermers
Untitled Chair AFXW-1, 2015
Martin Boyce
A Library of Leaves (Sounds And Silences Wrought Into Iron And Air), 2014
Analia Saban
Draped Marble (Bianco di Carrara, Emperor Gold), 2015
Lisa Oppenheim
Smoke Series, Installation view of the exhibition New Photography 2013. © 2013 The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Photograph: Thomas Griesel. Digital Image © 2013 The Museum of Modern Art, New York., 2013