Issue 2
Autumn 2011

From this issue

On the art of being truly site-specific

BY Jennifer Allen |

Artists are finding different solutions to the persistent problem of the pedestal

BY Manuela Ammer |

In search of the past, Martin Gostner found a fleeting form of sculpture and invented a new time machine: the bay window

BY Andreas Schlaegel |

On the power of metaphors to bring about change

BY Jan Verwoert |

Using music, performance and animation, Egill Sæbjörnsson creates hybrid stages, where analogue and digital worlds collide

BY Dominikus Müller |

Business and private matters do get mixed up, unavoidably, structurally. But there is a need for limits. Laws mark these limits and guarantee a minimum of transparency.

BY Jens Kastner |

Leonor Antunes uses iconic buildings as points of departure for precise sculptural installations which confound architectural models with measuring systems

BY Ludwig Seyfarth |

Is there any way to escape national stereotypes?

BY Gianni Jetzer |

Daniel Spoerri used found objects to explore a citys history in Le Musée sentimental. On the 30th anniversary of Le Musée sentimental de Prusse in Berlin, frieze d/e asks four artists Aleksandra Mir, Manfred Pernice, Gitte Schäfer and Danh Vo to explain their approach to the found object

BY Jennifer Allen |

On the controversial role of digitization in New Music

BY Björn Gottstein |

City Sounds and Spontaneous Occupations

BY Kito Nedo |

Many architects are turning towards found materials. Are the buildings of the future already waiting in the rubbish?

BY Oliver Elser |

Love Stories, Avalanches and Simulacra

BY Quinn Latimer |

In this series, frieze d/e asks artists, curators or writers to re?ect upon one word and its impact

BY Thea Djordjadze |

Bruce Nauman spoke with Noemi Smolik about his first projects with European gallerists, curators and artists and about how to turn a neon sign into a black square

BY Noemi Smolik |

Okwui Enwezor, the new Director of Munichs Haus der Kunst, spoke with Jörg Heiser about civic cultural practices, from Munich to Cairo via Paris

BY Jörg Heiser |

Choose a single object of special significance from your working or living environment

BY Monica Bonvicini |

Different locations

BY Antje Stahl |

Galerie Kadel Willborn

BY Daniel Pies |

Salzburger Kunstverein

BY Eva Maria Stadler |

Galerie Reinhard Hauff

BY Michael Birchall |

Galerie Cinzia Friedlaender

BY Nina Köller |

Galerie Hubert Winter

BY Jennifer Allen |

Pinakothek der Moderne

BY Laura Weissmüller |

Grazer Kunstverein

BY Jakob Neulinger |

Städtische Galerie Nordhorn

BY Nils Plath |

Galerie Gisela Capitain

BY Jörg Heiser |

Galerie Gregor Staiger & OSLO10

BY Barbara Preisig |