Quinn Latimer

Quinn Latimer is a writer. Her most recent book is Like a Woman: Essays, Readings, Poems (Sternberg Press, 2017).

‘Her strange, thinking surfaces have become the artworks I think about the most’

BY Quinn Latimer | 08 FEB 19

The Athens-based artist discusses how desire figures in her new film, the relationship between writing and images and the influence her home city has on her practice

BY Quinn Latimer | 14 NOV 18

Hot metals and cool minimalism: the transformative processes of Raphael Hefti

BY Quinn Latimer | 09 APR 15

In December, while the international papers were busy excerpting the American Senate report on the Bush-era’s CIA torture, nay, ‘extraordinary rendition’ programme (use the language they choose for you), I sat at a table with my students in Geneva reading Etel Adnan’s epic poem from 1980 The Arab Apocalypse. ‘[A]n Arab tortured mutilated vomits the sun hangs from his feet. Meticulously. A yellow sun’, a student read. In August, I lay by the sea on Samos – Turkey glittering and bleaching just across the blue sea at my feet – and read Adnan’s seminal novella Sitt Marie-Rose, from 1978. It refracts the Lebanese Civil War through the story of a woman, sun-like, at its centre – a teacher, mother, revolutionary, and lover of a Palestinian doctor – a centre slowly ripped apart in front of the deaf-blind children she teaches. ‘Fouad is the perfect killer […] He prefers jeep-speed-desert-bird-bullet to girl-in-a-bed-and-fuck […] Bullets crack and resonate in the amphitheatre that is Beirut. The location is perfect.’

BY Quinn Latimer | 23 DEC 14

Source, archive, evidence

BY Quinn Latimer | 14 NOV 14

The role of poetry in the world of appearances

BY Quinn Latimer | 29 MAY 14

Quinn Latimer is an American poet and critic based in Basel, Switzerland. Her latest book, Describe This Distance (Mousse Publishing, 2013), about the work of Sarah Lucas, was published this year.

BY Quinn Latimer | 13 DEC 13

My artistic and literary crushes this year were numerous, and despite being exhausted by best of lists by early December, here are a few things that blew my mind/heart/etc. in 2013:

BY Quinn Latimer | 10 DEC 13

The intertwined histories of art criticism and poetry

BY Quinn Latimer | 30 SEP 13

Literature versus art history

BY Quinn Latimer | 20 JUN 13

Living and writing in Switzerland

BY Quinn Latimer | 30 MAY 13

Multicoloured Modernism and sci-fi suburbia

BY Quinn Latimer | 25 MAR 13

Sylvia Sleigh’s extraordinary ‘history pictures’

BY Quinn Latimer | 07 MAR 13

Deserts, ideologies and relics

BY Quinn Latimer | 02 NOV 12

Journals, poems, biography and ‘direct implication’– the year in books

BY Quinn Latimer | 01 NOV 12

Latifa Echakhch uses destruction and displacement to turn everyday objects into abstractions

BY Quinn Latimer | 13 AUG 12