Issue 25
Autumn 2016

The 25th issue of frieze d/e features an extensive dossier on Kai Althoff, who also provided us with a unique cover.

The issue also features a segment on art and theatre in Berlin featuring a roundtable with theatre critics about Chris Dercon’s appoitment to the Volksbühne, and a personal piece by Jan Verwoert about tensions between the creative worker vs. the local boardroom.

Plus reviews of the 9th Berlin Biennale, Manifesta 11, Mathis Altmann, Ilya Lipkin, Grayson Revoir, and much more.

From this issue

With the opening of artist's major MoMA show, some reflections on Kai Althoff's exalted characters and metaphysical aims

BY Manfred Hermes |

How is contemporary art responding to the current refugee crisis? Three case studies ...

BY Jörg Scheller |

David Grubbs on Kai Althoff's recorded music, in the new issue of frieze d/e out now

BY David Grubbs |

Claus Richter on attending an early concert by Workshop

BY Claus Richter |

Tobias Madison on the 2001 album Es liebt Dich und Deine Köperlichkeit ein Ausgeflippter by Workshop

BY Tobias Madison |

Lena Henke on Kai Althoff and Lutz Braun's installation Kolten Flynn (2006)

BY Lena Henke |

Mathieu Malouf on material juxtapositions in Kai Althoff's works from 2007

BY Mathieu Malouf |

A Man Walks his Dog in the Park

BY Yair Oelbaum |

The 25th issue of this magazine, and changes at frieze

BY Jörg Heiser AND Mareike Dittmer |

Nicolaus Schafhausen on Germany, origins and individualism as utopia in the work of Kai Althoff

BY Nicolaus Schafhausen |

On the counter-cultural icon Hubert Fichte, founder of German-language Pop literature

BY Dominikus Müller |

On the new large-scale co-production Medea.Matrix by Susanne Kennedy, who will soon join Chris Dercon's new team at Berlin's Volksbühne

BY Tobi Müller |

What's behind the outcry againt Chris Dercon's appointment at the Volksbühne? A roundtable with theatre critics Eva Behrendt and Tobi Müller

Jan Verwoert on friction between the creative worker and the local boardroom

BY Jan Verwoert |

The Berlin artists' group Honey-Suckle Company is a fashion house, band and style icon. A new book outlines the group's activities

BY Jan Kedves |

Paint, blog, ask questions - Michaela Eichwald speaks with Pablo Larios

BY Pablo Larios |

With their tribal tattoos facing the world, the sculptures of Anna Uddenberg shed a light on class and gender stereotypes

BY Karen Archey |

Anna Teixeira Pinto speaks with Simon Fujiwara about the promise of happiness in a world gone awry

BY Ana Teixeira Pinto |

Choose a single object of special significance from your working or living environment: models of USS Jimmy Carter

BY Trevor Paglen |

Weiss Falk, Basel

BY Elisa R. Linn |

Galerie Christine König, Vienna

BY Verena Dengler |

Swiss Institute, New York

BY Boško Blagojević |

Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Germany

BY Eli Pitegoff |

At Lars Friedrich, Berlin, Germany, the photographer linked myriad trends, fashions and style

BY Michael Franz |

Deutsche Bank KunstHalle, Berlin, Germany

BY Hannah Schraven |

Clages, Cologne, Germany

BY Baptist Ohrtmann |

MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

BY Michaela Ott |

Various venues, Zurich, Switzerland 

BY Jörg Heiser AND Pablo Larios |