Issue 48
Sept - Oct 1999

From this issue

An acknowledgement of irrationality in the face of the most rational

BY Lorraine Wild |

Getting taken for a ride by Ricky Jay

Glen Seator's Fifteen Sixty One

Yvon Lambert, Paris, France

BY Sophie Berrebi |

The 48th Venice Biennale, various venues, Venice, Italy

BY Andrew Gellatly AND Jörg Heiser |

We need to get out more

The German intellectual response to Kosovo

Wolfgang Tillmans

Bruce Hainley pens a letter to a friend on the seductions of art

BY Bruce Hainley |

Lothar Hempel

Delving into the black art of consumer analysis

BY Mark Landesman |

Walking the streets of Rodinsky's Whitechapel

Robert Leedham gets taken for a ride by Ricky Jay

BY Robert Leedham |

Sarah Sze