Jan Tumlir

Jan Tumlir is an author and teacher based in Los Angeles, USA. His forthcoming book of conversations with the artist Jorge Pardo is due to be published by Inventory Press in 2020.

For his latest solo outing at Matthew Marks, Los Angeles, the artist presents a series of paintings inspired from the news lines during the pandemic and the minutia inside his studio

BY Jan Tumlir | 10 AUG 21

At the Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, the artist’s trio of short films explore the boundaries of language 

BY Jan Tumlir | 17 NOV 20

At Bel Ami, the artist uses the sonic and sculptural qualities of casino games to invoke modernism’s long obsession with chance

BY Jan Tumlir | 01 SEP 20

The Bacchanalian birthday festivities of a true Bohemian

BY Jan Tumlir | 01 OCT 03

The MAK Center, Los Angeles, USA

BY Jan Tumlir | 06 JUN 03

Richard Telles Fine Art, Los Angeles, USA

BY Jan Tumlir | 05 APR 03