Issue 6
October 2017

Frieze Masters magazine looks at art from the past through the lens of the present. This issue includes features on Arte Povera and Surrealism; in Artists' Artists 21 contemporary artists discuss the artworks that have inspired them; plus Masks, Miniatures and Mysteries; and Director of Tate, Maria Balshaw, reflects on her first ever visit to a gallery in our Questionnaire. 

From this issue

Abdul Hay Mosallam Zarara, ‘Chilean Struggle’ series, 1985

BY Oscar Murillo |

Marc Camille Chaimowicz, Enough Tiranny, 1972

BY Fergal Stapleton |

Renée Green, Import/Export Funk Office, 1992

BY Martine Syms |

Frank Stella, Die Fahne hoch! (Hoist the Flag!), 1959

BY Ding Yi |

Charlie Fox traces the recurring appearance of the mask in art

BY Charlie Fox |

From medieval Wunderkammern to portable museums, Duchamp’s suitcases, and dolls’ houses, the miniature is an enduring and radical art form

BY Erik Morse |

Chloe Aridjis recalls taking tea with the great surrealist in her home in Mexico

BY Chloe Aridjis |

Osei Bonsu talks to curator Germano Celant about the enduring relevance of the Italian art movement, Arte Povera – a term Celant coined 50 years ago

BY Osei Bonsu |

Claire-Louise Bennett's meditations on still life and ‘the aesthetic value of the events, tasks and items that constitute daily life’

BY Claire-Louise Bennett |

To what extent did the ancients colour their sculptures?

BY Peter Stewart |

The context and legacy of Jean-Hubert Martin’s contentious 1989 exhibition, ‘Magiciens de la terre’

BY Sean O'Toole |

The remarkable story of Hercules Florence and his pharmacy labels 

BY Amy Sherlock |

Nicolas de Larmessin II, Habit de la lingère (The Seamstress’s Attire), 1695

BY Vicky Wright |

Francis Alÿs, Untitled, 1994; Filippino Lippi, Allegoria dell’Amore (Allegory of Love), c.1500

BY Daniel Sinsel |

Alberto Giacometti, Femme egorgée (Woman with her Throat Cut), 1932

BY Joel Shapiro |

Bertel Thorvaldsen, Józef Poniatowski, 1826–27

BY Christodoulos Panayiotou |

Peter Hurd, Enemy Action over American Bomber Station, 1942

BY Kiki Smith |

Édouard Manet, The Dead Christ with Angels, 1864 

BY Jennifer Packer |

Joan Brown, Self Portrait at Age 42, 1980

BY Brian Calvin |

John Cage, Untitled, installation at the Biennale de Paris, 1985 

BY Kimsooja |

Chantal Akerman, Toute une nuit (All One Night), 1982 

BY Angelica Mesiti |

Maria Lassnig, Two Ways of Being (Double Self-Portrait), 2000 

BY Celia Hempton |

Michelangelo Buonarroti, La Pietà Rondanini, 1553-64 

BY Alek O. |

René Magritte, Le Stropiat (The Amputee), 1948 

BY Sean Landers |

The possibilities and pressures that have resulted from the boom in new museums in China and its neighbouring regions 

BY Ingrid Chu |

The final book in a series published by MoMA draws on the museum's collection to chart the development of photography from the mid-19th century to today 

BY Laurie Taylor |

A slew of exhibitions commemorates the centenary of the Russian Revolution 

BY Tom Jeffreys |

On the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, Shira Brisman looks at how museums around the world are commemorating Martin Luther's radicalism 

BY Shira Brisman |

On the benefits of not knowing 

BY Jennifer Higgie |