Erik Morse

Erik Morse is the author of Dreamweapon (2004) and Bluff City Underground: A Roman Noir of the Deep South (2012). He is a former lecturer at SCI-Arc, Los Angeles, USA, and the 2015 recipient of a Creative Capital/Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers grant.

How do representations of sleep reflect contemporary culture?

BY Erik Morse | 08 FEB 18

From medieval Wunderkammern to portable museums, Duchamp’s suitcases, and dolls’ houses, the miniature is an enduring and radical art form

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20th-century illustrations of Fantômas

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The photographic archives of the Los Angeles Police Department

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The sculptor, set-designer, window-dresser and installation artist's work as a Balenciaga artisan

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An interview with Alejandro Jodorowsky

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Jennifer Doyle discusses her new book, Hold it Against Me: Difficulty and Emotion in Contemporary Art

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A new film reconstructs Félix Guattari’s unproduced sci-fi script

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Erik Morse interviews Danish chef René Redzepi of noma, Copenhagen

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The New-York based musician and composer talks about the nature of electronic music, the zoology of noise and the unique sound-worlds of the child

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A new translation of Julia Kristeva’s book on the art of beheading

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An interview with Alastair Brotchie, the author of a new critical biography of Alfred Jarry, published by MIT Press 

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Erik Morse on the translation into English of a 52-part French TV programme featuring philosopher Gilles Deleuze

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Inspired both by the natural sonorities of the sea and the classic surf-pop lexicon, Endless Summer remains both a time-capsule and a weather report

BY Erik Morse | 01 MAY 11