The Breeder: '300,000 Kisses' Luke Edward Hall

3 - 18 November

The Breeder is pleased to present 300,000 Kisses, Luke Edward Hall’s solo exhibition. The show will be centered around a series of works on queer love in the ancient world, that are part of 300,000 Kisses, a book by Sean Hewitt and Luke Edward Hall, published by Penguin.

In the book, Hewitt and Hall present a collection of 40 stories, previously suppressed or overlooked, a series of queer tales to complete the canon narrative on love, desire and affection. Luke Edward Hall’s series of drawings vividly complement the words of poet Sean Hewitt, to build a safe yet extroverted space for those stories to be narrated and illustrated through a contemporary lens.

The exhibition will include Hall’s original drawings for the publication providing a mystical introduction to the artist’s poetic universe. In his world, classical iconography meets the immediacy of the everyday in vibrant drawings and paintings with a bold yet lyrical motion. Oscillating between mythic narratives and a deeply personal interior space, Hall’s works balance a dreamlike, romantic aesthetic with an exploration of the subject’s psychological terrain as well as broader concerns like the vulnerability and pervasive eroticism of the male body, in an attempt to challenge the dominant heteronormative representations and to unite masculine and feminine elements in harmonious compositions. This series further develops Hall’s fascinating exploration of eccentric romance and intimacy diachronically, while maintaining his references to Jean Cocteau, John Craxton and the Bloomsbury Group.

Luke Edward Hall
Luke Edward Hall, IT'S TOUGH BEING A GIGOLO, 2023, watercolor on paper, 30 x 45 cm. Copyright the artist. Courtesy The Breeder.