Michaela Yearwood-Dan: The Sweetest Taboo

31 March - 26 April

Tiwani Contemporary was pleased to present The Sweetest Taboo, our second solo exhibition with Michaela Yearwood-Dan.

Projected and inscribed upon the large-scale paintings, extracts of Yearwood-Dan’s experiences, influences, personal thoughts and questions commingle with abstracted and botanical gestures and marks that border, lead towards and give way to speculative clearings; spaces and gaps that have the capacity to be filled with utopic imaginings. The works remain vested in holding and debating the real-life politics and cultural demands of femme, Black and queer individuals in the world coming together as communities, manifesting and nurturing critical, safe and joyous environments.

The Sweetest Taboo was a semi-immersive experience that migrates from the canvases into the space of the gallery, creating a topographic installation of ceramic sculptures and furniture that encouraged visitors to contemplate, project and spur plans to dream potential spaces into existence.


Michaela Yearwood-Dan
Michaela Yearwood-Dan, All I am is everything and nothing at all, 2022, oil, pastels, ink and beads on canvas, 200 x 450 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Tiwani Contemporary.