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‘Its name tells you everything you really need to know: it’s big, it’s complex and it smashes things together.’

BY George Pendle |

‘Do you remember what that was like seeing great art and knowing nothing about its maker or context?’

BY Mark Godfrey |

‘These works render the real, estranged personalities of our present perturbing, alluring; exquisite’

BY Gabriella Pounds |

‘She introduced me to the borderland of craft, for which I count myself very lucky’

BY Tanya Harrod |

‘If anything can be converted to DNA, then this interview could become a DNA portrait of you’

BY Lynn Hershman Leeson |

‘The book reads as a collection of photographs captured by a self-recording camera’

BY Iman Issa |

‘His complex works embody both figurative social realism and mystic spiritual abstraction’

BY Lisa Brice |

‘This poetic work of propaganda helped to bring about a queer communist comradeship that spanned more than 6,000 kilometres’

BY Juliet Jacques |

‘Perry brings seemingly disparate fields into alignment with a precision that is brilliant and devastating’

BY Tom McCarthy |

How artists use junkyard landscapes to forge an escape from materially saturated culture

BY Kirsty Bell |

‘I spend my life as a writer trying (failing) to approximate Oswald’s verbal economy of means’

BY Amy Sherlock |