Mark Godfrey

Mark Godfrey is a curator and art historian based in London, UK. He recently co-edited The Soul of a Nation Reader (2021) with Allie Biswas, and co-curated ‘Laura Owens and Vincent van Gogh’ at the Fondation Vincent van Gogh in Arles, France.

At Kunsthalle Basel, the artist seeks a connection between the tools of the Detroit assembly lines and a pan-African heritage 

BY Mark Godfrey | 05 JUL 21

‘Do you remember what that was like seeing great art and knowing nothing about its maker or context?’

BY Mark Godfrey | 22 JAN 19

Mark Godfrey travelled to four cities to gain a deeper understanding of Theaster Gates's intermingling of art with urban regeneration

BY Mark Godfrey | 01 SEP 12

Elad Lassry makes sculptures that, in his words, ‘happen to be photographs’

BY Mark Godfrey | 01 NOV 11

Sophie Richard (Ridinghouse, London, 2009)

BY Mark Godfrey | 01 OCT 09

Villa Oppenheim, Berlin, Germany

BY Mark Godfrey | 01 APR 09

The Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA

BY Mark Godfrey | 06 JUN 08

A retrospective of the artist’s work showed its radicality but paid respect to the classicism of its installations

BY Mark Godfrey | 01 MAR 08

Mark Godfrey talks to Gustav Metzger, one of the key figures of postwar British art, whose career which has spanned over 60 years.

BY Mark Godfrey | 12 JUL 07

In conversation with Steve Reich

BY Dan Fox AND Mark Godfrey | 01 OCT 06

The artist and Slade teacher discusses the past, present and future state of art schools in Britain

BY Mark Godfrey | 02 SEP 06

Pearl, London, UK

BY Mark Godfrey | 01 JAN 04

An interview with Brian O'Doherty

BY Mark Godfrey | 01 JAN 04