Andrew Kreps Gallery

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Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York, presents the late artist’s 1960s screen-print series ‘heroes and sheroes’ which stands as a rebellion against the status quo and the Catholic Church

BY Paige K. Bradley | 03 AUG 21

Coming of age during the second wave of Italian Futurism, the artist and designers’ mind-boggling experiments in genre and classification

BY Ara H. Merjian | 19 JUN 18

The artist's early works amalgamate nature and technology at Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York

BY Josephine Graf | 16 FEB 18

Highlights from the first edition of Condo New York, a collaborative exhibition by 36 galleries across 16 city-wide locations

BY Sam Korman | 04 JUL 17

Ben Eastham delves into Goshka Macuga's exploration of art, power and history

BY Ben Eastham | 22 APR 16

Cases of artistic censorship increase and Jeff Koons returns to London: a round-up of the latest art news

25 MAR 16

Decoding Maria Loboda’s enigmatic archaeology

BY Amy Sherlock | 01 JUN 15

Containers, collaboration and perception

BY Matthew McLean | 18 MAR 15

How Darren Bader has pushed the readymade to its extreme

BY Domenick Ammirati | 24 SEP 14

Roe Ethridge’s work circulates in the worlds of fashion, commercial and art photography. Christy Lange considers his ‘chaotic inventory’.

BY Christy Lange | 01 OCT 12

Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York, USA

BY Graham T. Beck | 01 MAR 10

Andrew Kreps, New York, USA

BY Michael Wilson | 03 MAR 02