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At Cordova, Barcelona, the artist's backwards-running wristwatch evokes a well-worn sci-fi conceit to explore desire, consumerism and remembrance

BY Max Andrews |

The artist’s new works at La Virreina, Barcelona, predict that the culture industry will never be automated

BY Max Andrews |

Authorities hope the Barcelona church will be completed ahead of the 2026 centenary of the architect’s death

BY Frieze News Desk |

Domènec’s show at adn galeria, Barcelona looks to the fraught legacies of Spain’s mass communal housing

BY Max Andrews |

‘Sculpture is the best way to ask a question’

In Collaboration with Gray

With the anniversary of last year’s Catalonian bid for independence, a lens on the region’s cultural radicalism

BY Adrian Nathan West |

Now open to the public, the prison, modelled on Bentham’s panopticon, gives insight into the tumultuous history of working class uprisings

BY Carlos Delclós |

Contributing editor Max Andrews looks back on 2017, from turbulence in the Catalan capital to Pierre Huyghe’s masterwork in Münster

BY Max Andrews |

Protests against housing inequality, tourism and a colonialist past have been roiling across the Catalan capital

BY Carlos Delclós |

Espai 13, Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona

BY Max Andrews |

Contributing editor Max Andrews selects the best shows in the city

BY Max Andrews |

A night at Ricardo Bofill's Barcelona high-rise, Walden 7

BY Emily King |

Galeria Toni Tàpies, Barcelona, Spain

BY Jessica Lott |

Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona, Spain

BY Max Andrews |