in Collaborations | 14 FEB 19

Conceptual Artist Jaume Plensa Embraces 30 Years of Making Work

‘Sculpture is the best way to ask a question’

in Collaborations | 14 FEB 19
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‘The main obsession for me was to try to understand the relationship between individuality, single, and the community, the totality’ explains Spanish conceptual artist and sculptor Jaume Plensa. ‘Sculpture is the best way to ask a question,’ he continues. 

With a retrospective of the artist’s work now on at MACBA, Barcelona, Plensa reflects on his practice and philosophy for making work. ‘The work is so strongly related with your personal life, that it is moving, following you, in some way,’ he says. ‘I’m from the Mediterranean, which means that for me I have to touch, to caress even ideas.’ 

Describing the aim of his work, Plensa says: ‘I am always trying, in my work, to create a certain silence, that could embrace the possibility of each viewer, each person, to be with himself, with herself.’

Ferran Barenblit, director of MACBA, Barcelona explains that the approach taken when curating Plensa’s exhibition has created a dialogue between the artist’s works and the museum’s history of showing conceptual art.

Plensa’s retrospective is currently on at MACBA, Barcelona until 22 April 2019. 

For more information visit the Richard Gray Gallery website.