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From Meriem Bennani’s supernatural film at Renaissance Society to Devan Shimoyama’s transformative paintings and sculptures at Kavi Gupta, these are the must-see shows in Chicago

BY Marko Gluhaich | 07 APR 22

An exhibition at Goldfinch Gallery, Chicago, showcases the painter’s unfussy yet intimate studies of behaviour and mundanity

BY Alex Jen | 06 DEC 21

Just ahead of her 80th birthday, an interview with the pioneering painter and highlight of the Chicago Tribute section

BY Matthew McLean | 19 APR 20

The recently named 'Chicagoan of the Year' will curate a tribute section to women artists of Chicago, marking 100 years since American women gained the right to vote 

15 JAN 20

Ahead of the openings of EXPO Chicago and the 2019 Chicago Architecture Biennial, a guide to the most moving, relevant and astonishing shows around town

BY B. David Zarley | 18 SEP 19

Drawing from Martian landscapes and the notebooks of a closeted lesbian science fiction writer, the artist shows us how far we humans have yet to go

BY Lauren DeLand | 22 AUG 19

The artist’s public sculpture was spray-painted with graffiti

BY Frieze News Desk | 03 JUL 19

At Richard Gray Gallery, sociological statistics meet medieval sculpture in a powerful commentary on black life in the US 

BY Joel Kuennen | 21 JUN 19

A survey of the artist’s paintings and sculptures at Chicago’s Kavi Gupta skewers drug companies’ marketing tactics in the midst of the US opioid crisis

BY B. David Zarley | 12 JUN 19

‘Sculpture is the best way to ask a question’

In Collaboration with Gray

A new book catalogues ephemera from Chicago’s Southside and its greatest musical export

BY Frieze News Desk | 31 JAN 19

With a show running at Richard Gray Gallery, Chicago, the legendary British artist talks painting, photography and joining the two together

In Collaboration with Gray

The British artist and Turner Prize winner is taking on the gun advocacy group at a time of renewed debate around arms control

20 JUN 18

‘Women’s salaries are less than men’s, even though they occupy the same jobs’

BY Rhona Hoffman | 07 JUN 18

‘It was kind of a place of sharing of ideas’

02 MAY 18

The artist presents a solo exhibition at Richard Gray Gallery, Chicago: large-scale landscapes which draw on the nature outside his studio in Maine

27 APR 18

The artist says his Chicago sculpture Cloud Gate was appropriated for an NRA advertisement without permission; condemns gun violence

13 MAR 18

The Renaissance Society, Chicago, USA

BY Jennifer Piejko | 20 OCT 17

A report from the Chicago Architecture Biennial, whose interesting provocation sadly remains unanswered

BY Evan Moffitt | 02 OCT 17

Ahead of the openings of EXPO Chicago and the 2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial, a guide to the best exhibitions around town

BY Sara Cluggish | 13 SEP 17