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The artist presents a solo exhibition at Richard Gray Gallery, Chicago: large-scale landscapes which draw on the nature outside his studio in Maine

27 APR 18

The artist says his Chicago sculpture Cloud Gate was appropriated for an NRA advertisement without permission; condemns gun violence

13 MAR 18

The Renaissance Society, Chicago, USA

BY Jennifer Piejko | 20 OCT 17

A report from the Chicago Architecture Biennial, whose interesting provocation sadly remains unanswered

BY Evan Moffitt | 02 OCT 17

Ahead of the openings of EXPO Chicago and the 2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial, a guide to the best exhibitions around town

BY Sara Cluggish | 13 SEP 17

Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago, USA

BY Evan Moffitt | 22 MAY 17

The heart of a thundercloud, the versatility of László Moholy-Nagy and the last scientist on Earth: the city's best current shows

BY Sara Cluggish | 11 OCT 16

A hub for experimentation and entrepreneurship

BY Michelle Grabner | 18 APR 16

A fresh look at the music and art of the black radical tradition

BY Ian Bourland | 16 DEC 15

The global spread of Chicago footwork

BY David Morris | 18 NOV 13

Mark Godfrey travelled to four cities to gain a deeper understanding of Theaster Gates's intermingling of art with urban regeneration

BY Mark Godfrey | 01 SEP 12

Richard Gray Gallery, Chicago, USA

BY Jason Foumberg | 01 JAN 10

Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, USA

BY Jason Foumberg | 01 OCT 09

Metropolitan Museum, New York and Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, USA

BY Morgan Falconer | 01 OCT 08