Conceptual Art

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At Arario Gallery, Seoul, the conceptual artist’s effaced periodicals expose the limits of perception and reject dominant value systems 

BY Andy St. Louis | 22 FEB 21

The artist speaks about his latest show at the Mattress Factory Museum, which merges installation and live performance, the sacred and the profane

BY Mia Imani Harrison | 21 JAN 21

With a survey exhibition at The Shed, the visionary artist speaks to Emma McCormick-Goodhart about the importance of learning from nature

BY Emma McCormick-Goodhart | 31 OCT 19

‘Sculpture is the best way to ask a question’

In Collaboration with Gray

As his retrospective opens at the Hammer Museum, a look at the influence Ruppersberg has held over art and pop culture

BY Joseph Mosconi | 14 FEB 19

Hiller’s discomfort towards dominant narratives made her look at all sorts of suppressed subjects, from outlaw cowgirls to protest songs

BY Barbara Casavecchia | 31 JAN 19

The ‘paraconceptualist’ best known for her explorations of esoteric subjects has passed away

BY Frieze News Desk | 30 JAN 19

The limits of multidisciplinarity: from Adrian Piper to the 10th Berlin Biennale

BY Pablo Larios | 12 FEB 18

From Teffi to totalitarianism: what to read this weekend

BY Paul Clinton | 03 JUN 16

The artist Matthieu Laurette recalls his friendship with the curator, publisher and collector, Seth Siegelaub

BY Matthieu Laurette | 11 MAR 16

The artist’s found industrial materials serve as material supporters of meaning

BY Wes Hill | 02 FEB 13

Dominik Lang’s work is influenced by his intimate relationship to his family home and the legacy of Czech conceptualism

BY Noemi Smolik | 01 MAY 12

Cracking the codes of Conceptual art

BY Jan Verwoert | 22 JUN 09

How designers are adopting the strategies of Conceptual art

BY Ronald Jones | 01 JAN 09

The artist’s most well-known work is Artist’s Shit

BY Gavin Turk | 06 JUN 98