Boris Groys

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From environmentalist epics to Norse mythology and the re-emergence of Russian cosmism: John Holten surveys the best books of 2018

BY John Holten | 18 DEC 18

Boris Groys on 25 years of contemporary art in Eastern Europe

BY Boris Groys | 13 AUG 16

From intellectual freedom to the Republican Party convention: what to read this weekend

BY Paul Clinton | 22 JUL 16

Does looking at, or reading, something online change its meaning?

BY Paul Teasdale | 01 JUN 16

Is the activity of artists overshadowing their art?

BY Boris Groys | 27 APR 11

Boris Groys in conversation with Brian Dillon

BY Brian Dillon | 12 MAR 09

Boris Groys (MIT Press, Cambridge, 2008)

BY Brian Dillon | 09 SEP 08