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At Spike Island, Bristol, the artist captures the flux of queer existence in collages of gender non-conforming figures throughout time

BY Elizabeth Fullerton |

The DJ and writer experiments with electronic music and rethinks the meaning of a ‘sonic archive’ upon discovering tapes at the National Institute of Design

BY Edna Bonhomme |

The world demanded by Black Lives Matter is not the world in which Edward Colston belongs

BY Annie Olaloku-Teriba |

Family history, myth and geopolitics intertwine in the artist’s largest UK show to date

BY Cleo Roberts |

Informed by her heritage, the Athens-based artist reflects on technology’s gradual erosion of social relations at Spike Island, Bristol 

BY David Trigg |

Korean Cultural Centre, London, and Spike Island, Bristol, UK

BY Tim Smith-Laing |

Spike Island, Bristol, UK

BY Holly Corfield Carr |


BY David Trigg |

Spike Island, Bristol, UK

BY Michael Bracewell |