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As Black lives continue to be monitored and corralled in the UK, Derica Shields looks at the state structures and insurrection plots inherited from England’s Carribean plantation colonies 

BY Derica Shields | 17 SEP 20

In curator Susanne Pfeffer’s latest, ‘Museum’ speaks to our moment of funding scandals, museum protests and social media outrage

BY Sarah James | 27 AUG 19

The spectral presence of prisoners in everyday commodities 

BY Jackie Wang | 29 OCT 18

Ahead of Art Cologne this week, a guide to the best current shows in the city

BY Pablo Larios | 25 APR 17

Artists Space, New York, USA

BY Orit Gat | 03 APR 16

Amy Zion gives a round-up of the best shows currently on view in the city

BY Amy Zion | 09 MAR 16