Deutsche Bank Frieze Los Angeles Film Award 2023

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Winner of the Audience Award 2023. Homesick after moving to Los Angeles, a young woman begrudgingly visits her great aunt where she sees her city through a fresh lens 

An empty-nester must try to find herself when her beloved canine goes missing

A Soviet emigré family gathers together to celebrate New Year’s Eve, but the night develops a less than celebratory note
On a walk, a man ponders an existential question whose broad implications play out in a kaleidoscope of daily life
Against the backdrop of the criminal underbelly of Los Angeles, and told in small vignettes, a man comes to terms with love, religion and choice
A young woman grapples with her own sense of self in the aftermath of a relationship
Through the perspectives of a father and daughter, an exploration of adults’ limited time and children’s eagerness of desire

After getting robbed for his bike, a straight arrow contemplates revenge

Winner of the Jury Award 2023. Oblivious to the fact she is running on empty, a woman leaves her LA apartment on a last-minute request