Eastside Projects

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At Eastside Projects, Birmingham, the artist and their collaborators create an intricate labyrinth of video games, alien pods and fungal species

BY Cathy Wade |

Jamila Prowse speaks to the artists about their approach to new, aquatic temporalities, from ocean to darkroom, as they have separate shows at Birmingham’s Eastside Projects

How artists from Édouard Vuillard to Dorothea Tanning and Kehinde Wiley used wallpaper in their work 

BY Shelley Klein |

After a year’s hiatus, Birmingham’s best-known art space is back to celebrate its 10th anniversary, but its long-term future in Digbeth is unclear

BY Tom Emery |

As the most expensive railway on earth is built, is art being used as a mouthpiece for power?

BY Tom Jeffreys |

In further news: Emperor Constantine’s missing finger discovered in the Louvre; and are Van Gogh’s Sunflowers turning brown?

Eastside Projects, Birmingham, UK

BY Louisa Elderton |

Pressed by the increasing need to generate diverse streams of income, UK art organizations turn to crowdfunding

BY Ellen Mara De Wachter |

Eastside Projects, Birmingham, UK

BY Chris Sharratt |

Eastside Projects, Birmingham, UK

BY Sam Thorne |