Gender Politics

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Rediscovering Jo Bondy through her assemblages, box works, and ceramics from the 1960s to 1970s

BY Philomena Epps | 20 NOV 17

Rebecca Solnit and the Not Surprised letter

BY Ellen Mara De Wachter | 03 NOV 17

Following the Not Surprised letter it’s time to uncouple power from abuse in the art world

BY Elvia Wilk | 03 NOV 17

Artforum co-publisher Knight Landesman accused of sexual misconduct; editor Michelle Kuo resigns; Brazilian artists protest censorship

27 OCT 17

The artist discusses her hyper-decorated tapestries, resuscitating dying traditions and retrospective in Castelo Branco, Portugal

BY Ambika Rajgopal | 13 SEP 17

Decoding the image of Stuart Hall manning a crèche at the Women’s Liberation Movement conference

BY Stephanie DeGooyer | 17 AUG 17

Fact checking Trump and New York gallery roster demographics: what to read this weekend

02 JUN 17

London’s fourth plinth artists announced; a new fund to protect cultural heritage in war-torn areas

24 MAR 17

The relevance today of Arthur Evans’s Witchcraft and the Gay Counterculture

BY Jamie Sutcliffe | 15 FEB 17

Blood, thread and cow dung; gender politics, myth and mysticism

BY Zehra Jumbahoy | 12 MAR 09