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Over 1000 art workers have anonymously posted their salaries

BY Frieze News Desk |

The Turkish artist’s brilliant, abstract canvases were the subject of a major Tate Modern retrospective in 2017

2018 gave glimmers of hope for those hoping to defy tech giants – but now is the time to remain vigilant

BY Hili Perlson |

‘I’m plumping for people power. The Creative Commons spoke!’ the Turner Prize-winning artist says

If artificial intelligence were ever to achieve sentience, could it feasibly produce art? (And would it be good?)

BY Mike Pepi |

Essential reading this weekend – boredom and dystopia in slow cinema, the return of London’s Hayward Gallery and the dark drawings of Gus Bofa

How technology has shaped our expectations of desirable design

BY Alice Rawsthorn |

Google returns Dennis Cooper's blog data; Gagosian to throw a benefit auction for Hillary Clinton

After his 14-year-old blog was deactivated without explanation, Dennis Cooper speaks to Andrew Durbin about Google, GIF fiction and censorship

BY Andrew Durbin |

What it means to have countless namesakes on Google

BY Jennifer Allen |